About us

Biznex.ae is the definitive Business to Business (B2B) Hub of the UAE - A platform engineered in the UAE, for the UAE. We aim to simplify your procurement search in the local region and be a one-stop guide to Industry products in the country. Every product and service on our platform is being exclusively marketed by UAE registered companies from a wide range of industries. Local businesses are given an opportunity to showcase their various products and services, and interested parties can connect with them in a matter of seconds!

Who we are?

We were raised in this soil and call the UAE our home. Our background includes vast experiences in Engineering, Business Development, and Consulting - Right here in the UAE! Bringing this level of expertise to the fore, our primary focus is to promote business in the country by connecting firms and interested customers, while also understanding the challenges facing local Industry today.

What we do?

The idea behind Biznex.ae is simple. We want to bring buyers and sellers together to create lasting and profitable relationships. We want local businesses to succeed through great new connections, and with a host of tools to help you, we'll help develop your business. We understand that your business cannot reach its full potential without making new connections. Having witnessed SMEs unable to reach the right customers due to the numerous marketing hurdles they came across, we spurred into action to find a solution. We wanted to simplify the procurement search process, and make connecting buyers with sellers quite effortless. With this in mind, Biznex.ae was born.

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