Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between registering as a User and a Vendor?
A general user can register with us for free and peruse all B2B products that are being marketed by UAE registered companies. They can also avail all features including sending Requests for Quotations (RFQs) to vendors directly from, or contacting the vendor themselves using the provided contact information. They can also Compare Products and use the Wishlist functionality to add products they are interested in. 
A Registered Vendor pays a yearly membership fee in order to showcase their products on They also receive a number of benefits including a dedicated company page filled with all their products, as well as the same user features to contact other vendors for their requirements. 
Can I contact companies without being a registered user?
Yes, you can still send a RFQ to a vendor in regards to a particular product by pushing the 'Get Quote' link and entering your general contact information, all without being registered. But only signed-in members can view the contact information of the company.
What is the Yearly Membership fee for Vendors? offers a range of Membership plans to suit every business - from startups to large conglomerates! Memberships start from as little as AED 365 a year.  Membership will be required to be renewed yearly for uninterrupted services.
Are there certain requirements to be a registered Vendor?
Yes. Vendors are required to email a copy of their current UAE registered Company Trade License to after registration. We will be unable to process the membership application until a verifiable copy is submitted.
Do I need to upload all product listings myself?
No. We, at, provide the service of uploading your product listings for you, all for free! Since we take on this responsibility, all we require from you is your online product e-catalog and CSV files of existing online product listings. Existing CSV files greatly help us with uploading content and would be highly appreciated. You will receive confirmation of the completed upload within 3 - 5 business days.  
How many product listings can be uploaded with the Yearly Vendor Membership?
Based on the chosen membership plan, you can start from 10 product listings to unlimited! For additional product listings that are not covered under your plan, each will be charged at AED 10 per year.
How do I pay for the additional product listings?
After we have determined the number of additional products to be listed, and confirmed said quantity with you, we will send you a payment link via email for the supplementary amount to be paid by credit/debit card.
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